Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to send an email in 1984

Awesome, just pure awesome.

Ah, Prestel!....the Ceefax style internet, before HTML/CSS/JavaScript and all that other noise got in the way.  Actually, I like the interface, it takes me back...maybe someone should make a new front-end to f@cebook Prestel style  :-D

I love the fact they have the tape cassette program noise on the end credits, for you to save to tape and then load the program after the programme.  pure genius.

Ah....I must be getting old & nostalgic, or maybe the "new" stuff just isn't doing it anymore.  oh look, the new iPhone 8 is coming out.  "8". yes, "8". keep peddling the sequels instead of making something "new".  grouch, grouch, grumble, grumble..... "it wasn't like this back in my day".  LOL

HA!HA!HA!  If Google were invented in the 80s:

Actually, that gives me an idea for the Atari ST.......

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