Monday, 17 July 2017

Google Blocks

Okay, so, if like me, you've had your interest piqued by the prospect of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) over the past year and a half and have even invested in Oculus Rift and/or a Samsung Gear headset (*other VR units are available) and you've got yourself a copy of Unity or Unreal Engine and had great expectations about making this wonderfully great new VR world with magical spinning things and whooshy (yes, that's a word I just made up) swirls of rainbow goodness, only to the have to fire up Udemy or Coursera to find a course that teaches you how to make 3D models.

Several weeks later, you've made a potato.  A bad looking potato.  It is kind of 3D, but has lumps in the wrong places.  It does NOT look like the prancing unicorn that you envisaged for your main character representation in your snazzy new VR world.  Come to think of it, the rocks, buildings, cars, <insert any other shape or object that you wanted to have in your landscape> now all represent variants of your potato.  Just in different colours and with lumps in different places.

You have to admit it.  You are no 3D studio max / Blender 3D modeller.  Some people are (they get out less than you/I do, there's a reason for that) and I bow and curtsey to them with much honour and respect.  I do not have 5-10 years to learn everything about those tools to make a "thing".
I want to spend 1 week figuring out how to make my "thing" and then focus on making a world where my "thing" can prance around in and then spend some time to write small snippets of C# code that does "stuff" when my "thing" gets noticed by the collision detection event and then the "thing" does another "thing" and "whooooa! you weren't expecting that" happens.

Oh and I want to be able to make my "things" in the VR world.  I mean, what is the point of having a VR hat/helmet/visor thing if I only spend a brief period of time with it on my head?  I might as well stare at my laptop monitor and forget all about the VR world.

Oh, thanks Google!

Sometimes I like Google....they saw a gap here and thought, yeah, we'll fill that and get to market first.  I respect them for that.

Google may have answered my dreams....

Oh, darn it!  It doesn't support the Samsung gear (yet?).  I do have an Oculus, but I don't have a powerful enough laptop (Mac) to use it.  Grrrhh...grrhhhh...grrrhhhh.... why am I so cheap, my dreams are thwarted again, by me being a cheapskate...perhaps I shouldn't spend all my money on that damned custom car!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Roomba Inventor Joe Jones on His New Weed-Killing Robot, and What's So Hard About Consumer Robotics

Roomba Inventor Joe Jones on His New Weed-Killing Robot, and What's So Hard About Consumer Robotics

I've been toying with the idea of a GardenBot, for a few years now..... and many people have asked, "Why haven't you done it yet?".

Well.....I'll let the "expert" explain why.  It's not as simple as it sounds.


Although I am still in the process of making maybe that will evolve into my GardenBot at some point, we'll see...