Sunday, 26 July 2015

Crunchyroll on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

We bought an Amazon Fire TV stick earlier in the year, so that we could use the Amazon Prime Instant Video service on our ma-hoo-sive Samsung TV (rather than via the X-Box).

This weekend I looked into "what is the Fire TV stick"? turns out it's running Android.

I also was a little disappointed that none of the Apps allowed me to run an app that would display the Crunchyroll Manga/Anime shows.  After checking the official forums it turns out there is no Crunchyroll app for the Fire TV stick.

This got me thinking....the Fire TV stick is running Android and the Crunchyroll app is a .apk app....

I'll now explain,  how to go about getting Crunchyroll onto the Fire TV stick and watching all those great Manga/Anime shows!

>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE to view the photo's of how to get this working<<<<<<<<<<

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Location based sensors using IBM Presence Insights

Okay, okay, okay..... so this "might" be a little bit of a promo for IBM, but I have to say this is a really interesting field to work with.
There are loads of scenarios that you can think of where you could utilise the beacons to detect the location of a persons smartphone

If you want to get up and running using IBM Presence Insights via Bluemix, click on the following link and press the BIG red button at the bottom, it'll guide you through all you need:

Here's the link to the generic sales/marketing web site link

To be able to try this out, you'll need:

  • Android smartphone (okay, you "can" have an iPhone....but, pfffhhh, if you must, there is an SDK for both)
  • A couple of Beacons (you can get some from - they're not the smallest, but they'll do the job and not break the bank)
  • Some time to write a sample app using either Eclipse+ADT or Android Studio

I'll do a proper article/write-up of an end-to-end setup and usage using Android in the near future.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Leap Motion’s Augmented-Reality Computing Looks Stupid Cool

The more I see Augmented Reality blurring with Virtual Reality and "new" ways of thinking, the more I am liking where things are going for 2016.

I backed the KickStarter project for Oculus Rift a couple of years back, when I got my headset and access to the code I was excited by the possibilities.  Unfortunately, it was just too new and I didn't have the time to dedicate to writing 1000's of lines of code for libraries.  I had the vision, but not the time.

I see now that a lot of those libraries have now been written, so what I had in mind can now be achieved in a couple of days of hacking code together.

I'm impressed.

Check out the original article here.