Sunday, 26 July 2015

Crunchyroll on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

We bought an Amazon Fire TV stick earlier in the year, so that we could use the Amazon Prime Instant Video service on our ma-hoo-sive Samsung TV (rather than via the X-Box).

This weekend I looked into "what is the Fire TV stick"? turns out it's running Android.

I also was a little disappointed that none of the Apps allowed me to run an app that would display the Crunchyroll Manga/Anime shows.  After checking the official forums it turns out there is no Crunchyroll app for the Fire TV stick.

This got me thinking....the Fire TV stick is running Android and the Crunchyroll app is a .apk app....

I'll now explain,  how to go about getting Crunchyroll onto the Fire TV stick and watching all those great Manga/Anime shows!

>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE to view the photo's of how to get this working<<<<<<<<<<

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