Wednesday, 29 March 2017

World's smallest computers (with Deep Learning)

Millimeter-Scale Computing. Real-life smart dust.

The CubisensTM platform by CubeWorks enables the first truly autonomous wireless sensing platform measuring less than a millimeter. Cubisens systems are able to sense and process their environment, wirelessly transmit the results or store them for later usage. The versaltility of the Cubisens platform allows multiple units to be combined together to tackle larger monitoring and sensing applications

There is a great article (that led me to the above site), that you can read HERE.   Here's the snippet that caught my attention:

'The idea is to bring neural networks to the Internet of Things. “A lot of motion detection cameras take pictures of branches moving in the wind—that’s not very helpful,” says Blaauw. Security cameras and other connected devices are not smart enough to tell the difference between a burglar and a tree, so they waste energy sending uninteresting footage to the cloud for analysis. Onboard deep-learning processors could make better decisions, but only if they don’t use too much power. The Michigan group imagines that deep-learning processors could be integrated into many other Internet-connected things besides security systems. For example, an HVAC system could decide to turn the air-conditioning down if it sees several people putting on their coats.'

........nanobots, anyone  :-)

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Personal Linux Server - Joker

I was just pointed at this little gem by a good friend.  I am very impressed.

"Joker Eco-system is an open hardware and open software project, available at fair price! First of all it’s a personal mobile Linux server with Intel x86 64-bit CPU and battery. Additional modules available – IoT, SDR, Storage, Network, E-Ink Display and many more."

"Joker personal server now can move where you need it most. Thanks to Joker Walker module with two motors and treads. Neural networks (NN) used for processing images from camera and for speech recognition. You can say “Hey Joker, follow me” or “Hey Joker, best WiFi signal” or implement your own features!"


I'll take one, including the main module, the empathy and walker modules please.  Then using the existing software I can achieve what I was attempting to do with ArcTuRus.  Yeah, I know, it's cheating a little bit...but hey, time is flying by and ArcTuRus has just been gathering dust whilst I was distracted working on "cars" and "Cognitive" things:

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Narita Boy : Travel across dimensional planes in this retro-futuristic pixel game

During 2016, I was pondering a game idea, potentially using VR or AR about travelling about in a multi-dimensional universe.  As is always true, my concept & vision was set very very high - I had the vision, but lacked the skills & tooling to make it happen.  I got hold of Unity and UnrealEngine, took some courses on how to make basic things using C# and C++ for either engine, then....well, then work/work took a higher priority... isn't that always the way?  I see it more of a "delay it" than a "drop it", I will come back to my vision some time soon.....

...and then I noticed this little gem on KickStarter.  The vision sounds familiar, very familiar - there must have been something floating around the ether during 2016 that a few of us tuned into.  Well, I bow down to "Ed" for finding the time, having the patience and having access to a group of skilled people to help him with his vision.  I also love the 80s pixel approach.

Have I backed it?  Sure have!  "If" it actually happens, they are looking at a Dec 2018 release time, hey, by then, I may have actually had time to make some progress of my own - unless "other non-work things" manage to distract me along the way....

Narita Boy : Travel across dimensional planes in this retro-futuristic pixel game: