Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blast from the past images from AvantGo

Whilst cleaning up an old USB HDD, I found these thumbnail photo's from days gone by (2000/2001).
I seem to recall that I had a couple of these on A3 size poster prints too: either in the attic or lost in house moves.  Here's some retro-Sync'n'Go images from AvantGo


I worked for AvantGo from Sept 10th 2001 until they were purchased by Sybase where I then continued working for iAnywhere until May 2007 - the whole time working (re-compiling at times) and using the great MBusiness Anywhere Server product and then the SUP tooling that is still in use by SAP.

Nowdays?  Well, I now work for IBM and use the Worklight product, as Dion Ridley would say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same".  Although the technology today is much more advanced and the scope of what you can interact with has increased, I believe it's an exciting place to be once again.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Using Worklight native API in iOS application built with Swift

(another video from Anton Aleksandrov)

Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. One of the key features is full interoperability with existing Objective-C code which allows to easily integrate existing frameworks and libraries into applications built with Swift. 
Below video demonstrates the process of adding and using Worklight native API to an iOS application built with Swift. As usual - watch it in HD for a full screen resolution.
Note that iOS8 and XCode6 are still in beta phase and therefore not officially supported by Worklight, so this is just a small proof of concept.
Cheers Anton!

(I'll be doing some work with XCode6 myself, so will post some further articles on my findings during Q3/Q4 this year)

SWAMI - Sample Worklight Application : Mobile Inspection v1.1 [new UI]

From an application architectural perspective, I believe I am close to the goal I set out to achieve with the SWAMI application, as documented on the v2.0 to do list, there are still many things to add.

I took some screenshots of the new app workflow, which you can see in these pages.


I also uploaded the updated v1.1 Worklight v6.2 project file so you can import it and see the difference.  (I've also done a bit of house-cleaning).

any questions.......well, you know what to do  :-)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Famo.us + AngularJS

Build highly interactive, data-driven, and modular web applications with the combined strengths of Famo.us and AngularJS.  Check it out - click the image below:

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SWAMI - Sample Worklight Application : Mobile Inspection

I spent a little bit of time, okay, probably more time that I should have done...making a sample application that would teach me how to use IBM Worklight v6.2, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB.

After enjoying the ride, I thought, hey, I can't be the only one... there are probably other people that would benefit from knowing how this stuff connects together, so I documented the sample in a series of pages and screenshots.

As I say, I have a list of v2.0 changes as long as my arm, but I decided to stop now, do a write up and then move onto v2.0 afterwards.   I hope this helps out anyone else wanting to create a Worklight v6.2 mobile app that uses AngularJS and JSONStore and the Worklight Adapters to retrieve and post data.


Download the Project Source code here

Download the MongoDB source here (just import using RockMongo)

v1.1 is now available - checkout the improvements in this post (new UI framework used: Ionic)