Saturday, 14 January 2017

30year old Atari ST gets a dusting off

Whilst doing some tidying up between Xmas and New Year, I found myself in the attic/loft and I found that I had a couple of ATARI ST home computer systems sitting in a few boxes.

Well....I had a few days spare and it is that time of year to do some pointless things that are not strictly work related, but are technical and retro.

After rummaging through the boxes I found that I had bought a Hard Disc drive back in 2007, this got me thinking and I wondered if I could do something useful with the Atari ST, apart from just playing games...

I've even got it setup to compile/build C code too.... let's see what wonders I can create during the following year.  Okay, so it's not going to be competing with the Unreal Engine C++ work I've been doing, but it'll keep me out of trouble.

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