Installing Worklight Server CE and deploying the SWAMI app - Page 1

Previously, I have focused on using the Worklight Studio within Eclipse, building the Mobile App and deploying the app to the embedded Websphere Liberty Profile Server that is contained within the boundary of the Eclipse environment.

This is perfectly acceptable for development purposes and has worked well for me to get to grips with build the client-side mobile application and connecting from the mobile (android/iPad) device to my local laptop across my home network. (As I have known fixed IP addresses).

To now go beyond being a developer, I wished to setup a Worklight Server to be able to deploy the Mobile apps so that they are available from the App Center, but also to be able to host the server-side of the Mobile app adapters.

I spent 3-4 days attempting to 'hack' my way around not using a proper DB and to see if I could use the embedded DerbyDB, maybe I was missing a trick but I couldn't get this to work completely.  I could get the App Center working okay, but couldn't get the WorklightConsole to work at all.  I did see all the declarations that the embedded DerbyDB should not be used as a Production DB, so I was pushing my luck a bit, but it was worth the time.  You maybe wondering why I would do this?  Well....I want the Worklight Server up to run on a Raspberry Pi (obviously!), but I also wanted to test to see if it could work on my Open Pandora first.  As I say, I got so far with it, admitted defeat and decided to do it properly.  I got very lost in the Infocenter when I was looking up the steps to deploy an app that I had built, it got very confusing following link after link that took me off down other rabbit holes of other links that I did start to wonder why this was not explained more clearly.

I then downloaded this PDF.

Keep this PDF to hand, put it on every tablet device you have, on your phone and your laptop - it is all that you need!
It walks you through step-by-step how to do everything that you need to do in a clear and concise way (and is not as confusing as the Infocenter).  It also made it very clear how to properly and succesfully deploy the mobile apps.

To achieve this I need to perform the following tasks:

1) Download and install Worklight Liberty Profile

2) Download and install MySQL v5.6

3) Install Worklight Server (using the MySQL installed previously)

4) Create a sample Project in Worklight Studio (Eclipse)

5) Use the Worklight Server Confguration Tool to deploy the sample Project
(*this is a UI infront of the ANT scripts that execute in the background.  Whilst I'm not shy of the command line, I have a dis-liking of ANT (I blame the "Dave's" from at iAnywhere back in 2006-ish) and I'm happy if the scripts are robust and inform you properly how to unpick any mess that may have been created by an anomaly   So far, I've not had any issues with Worklight using the GUI, so I may get braver and step down into the ANT world again.)

6) Access the Worklight Console and add the .WAR, .wlapp and .adapter files

As usual, I'll split this into a Page for each task.  Click HERE to get started.

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