Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A case of the Vapors

This one?

or this one?




"Create modern web apps, sites, and APIs using HTTP or real-time apps using WebSockets.
Nearly 100x faster than popular web frameworks using Ruby and PHP. Swift is fast by every meaning of the word.
The latest cryptographic ciphers, digests, and LibreSSL's new TLS (SSL) make security easy.
With middleware and Swift extensions, you can add custom functionality to Vapor that feels native.
The static type system allows you to write less and do more. Vapor apps are very concise and even more powerful.
With autocomplete, debugging, and breakpoints you'll spend more time creating and less time fixing."

I like the definition of "fun"......not quite how I would describe it, but, hey-ho, I'll let you decide :-)

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