Tuesday, 18 October 2016

CAN-Bus Arduino shield

After receiving my Can-Bus Arduino shield & cable from ElecFreaks (very fast P&P!), having a little play around with some C code and then soldering the pin legs on, it was time to give it a little test run in the car.  I chose the 2016 Mercedes c200.  Why? Well, it was the nearest :-)

(I had an old DFRobot Romeo knocking around, should really be for robot programming, but it does the job)

Hmmm...... well, after a little bit of fiddling I managed to start reading some data and boy, is it chatty!

Somewhere in the end of that file are the codes from the Drivers side window going up and down.

Next step, isolate the ID codes and the commands and replay them back to the car....
(or just identify which ones give me some useful information)

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