Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be a nerd and have fun

I was invited to do some work at the new IoT Watson offices in Munich : Highlight Towers

After work, I was invited for a meal...I was told there was an interesting guy who was going to join the team.  Anyway, due to some error with the restaurant booking, I had the pleasure of being on a 4-person table with John Cohn for the entire evening.

I'm not sure who was the geekier / nerdier.  As you can imagine, Arduino's, MQTT, Pi's, Robotics, all-the-IBM stuff and a ton of other stuff was talked about and laughed about.  It was a great evening and helped me to realise, I should stay as I am and not "become what management structures" think I should be.

Continue to have fun and actually do that rare thing: ENJOY what you do.  If you do not, stop doing it, do something else.  I know I have fun & actually enjoy what I do.

Look forward to some "fun" postings over the next year - rather than "an IBM sales blog" (as a good Friend recently called this site).  I can see where he was coming from, it did kind of become a work repository rather than general geeky stuff.

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