Monday, 15 February 2016

Internet of Things Foundation Service on Bluemix

It's all about the IoT.....

Apparently, Gartner predicted in November 2015, that during 2016, 6.4 billion device will be connected to the Internet and will be classified as "The Internet of Things".  By 2020, that figure will rise to 20.8 billion.  Staggering.

Just connecting devices to the Internet is one thing, but it will mean that the devices will be pushing a tremendous amount of data around.  I'm pretty sure that being able to make sense of that data, to gain insights from the data is also going to bring great rewards to the companies that get smart to this.

Now, as you may or may not know, I've been making "stuff" that we used to call "Client-Server" apps (back in the day), which is great for small proof of concept stuff, ie. getting my robot to send data to a server humming away in the corner of the room, triggering events and sending a signal to activate a solenoid that opens a door before the robot hits the door.  This is all great and good, but for "proper business use", that is going to demand a highly scalable, fault tolerant and robust platform to manage all the IoT device, IBM Bluemix and more specifically the IBM Internet of Things Foundation service is a pretty good platform to do just that.

Naturally, I've been tinkering..... I decided to setup a Bluemix IoT Foundation Service, drop some client-code onto 3 (yes, 3!) Raspberry Pi's that uses MQTT for connectivity to Bluemix and then get adventurous to hook up the Arduino Robot to communicate via MQTT too.... The beauty of using shown in the image above, means it's a pub/sub protocol....ooooooOOOooo 2-way communications!  It also means I can have an Android mobile app running on my Samsung S6 that can allow me to monitor and manage the connected devices.
The beauty of using IBM Bluemix IoT Foundation Service is that I don't have to worry about the server-side stuff (apart from the initial setup) and when I then decide to scale up to 100's of Pi's and 1000's of Robots, I just have to tell IBM Bluemix to scale up, minimum effort from me.  Which I like the idea of.

As a follow up after setting up the devices and the server-side above, I've written up the following:

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