Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Project Tango

Google....good old Google have decided that the phone is not enough being just a phone.  It needs to evolve.

Let me introduce you to PROJECT TANGO:

"Project Tango brings Motion Tracking, Depth Perception, and Area Learning to mobile devices. Thousands of developers are building experiences that do things like finding your way around, measuring your world, and walking through stories.
Show everyone what you can do with Project Tango by getting a Tablet Development Kit, creating an application, and uploading it to the Play Store. We believe this journey is one worth following."

Well, I "was" building myself an Arduino based robot this week that could basically do all these things shown in the nice diagram above.... I'm now wondering if I should bother?  or should I just get myself a DEV KIT and use all the cool new tools/toys from Google instead?

Nah, I think I'll continue building the robot side of things myself....and wait for v2 of the DEV KIT (as that's the day job and this is just meant to be "fun").

The good news is, it doesn't matter what I do....I just need to be involved and involved in the evolution of "mobile", the evolution of "phone" and the integration with "robot".

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