Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Installing Worklight Server CE and deploying the SWAMI app

Previously, I have focused on using the Worklight Studio within Eclipse, building the Mobile App and deploying the app to the embedded Websphere Liberty Profile Server that is contained within the boundary of the Eclipse environment.

This is perfectly acceptable for development purposes and has worked well for me to get to grips with build the client-side mobile application and connecting from the mobile (android/iPad) device to my local laptop across my home network. (As I have known fixed IP addresses and everything is in my conrol).

To now go beyond being a developer, I wished to setup a Worklight Server to be able to deploy the Mobile apps so that they are available from the App Center, but also to be able to host the server-side of the Mobile app adapters.

Click HERE for a breakdown of setting this up and getting it running..... (and of course, I'll be looking at ways to getting it running on a Raspberry Pi and possible even my Open Pandora - just for kicks!)

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