Friday, 22 January 2016

MobileFirst Command Line

Whilst GUIs are great and have become the "norm" for most people, inside and outside of IT, there are still some things that certain IT (system admins) prefer to do from the command line.

Mostly, these are repeated tasks that they can script or automate, passing parameter variables as needed.  This means they can spend more of their valuable time scanning twitter or f**ebook or reddit (only kidding, they have much more valuable things to be spending their time VR research!)

With this in mind the question comes up quite frequently: "can we script that?"

With MobileFirst Platform Server, you have the ability to run ANT scripts to manage deploying your runtime .war files into Liberty Profile and even WebSphere Application Server.  This is usually fine for developers to run these tasks when they need to, but mostly they have no real idea of what is happening behind the scenes.  All is great, if it all works fine.  If for some reason you get a BUILD FAILED, error message then things start to get a bit tricky and you usually end up going the manual route to figure out at what part the ANT task is failing.

The above is great if you are just deploying the runtime .war file, but what about if you are now wanting to get more adventurous?

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