Monday, 26 October 2015

Node Red Programming Guide

Node Red Programming Guide!

Do you want to get started programming Node-Red?  If so CHECK OUT THESE LECTURES.

The Node RED programming Guide is a series of lectures designed to introduce you to Node-RED - the new visual programming tool for the IoT. It will take you from the basics right through to advanced Node-RED programming. It is targeted at two types of readers - those who are new to the IoT and want to quickly prototype IoT applications and those who are already familiar with the IoT who want to understand Node-RED. The guide is structured into three sections, sections 1 (Lectures 1-4) introduces Node-RED and walks through a series of examples to explain its programming model, its basic nodes/features and how it can be used to access a variety of real world data sources. We use a hosted cloud based version of Node-RED so that readers don't have to worry about the details of installing and managing Node-RED. Section 2 (Lectures 5-7) explores in more detail Node-RED's programming model and how to build your own functions using the function node. It also focuses on using Node-RED on devices such as the Raspberry Pi showing you how to install Node-RED and tailor it for your needs, The final section (Lectures 8-12) focuses on advanced topics including managing and configuring Node-RED, using Node-RED with various IoT platforms, e.g. Sense Tecnic's WoTKit, and more complex IoT examples that use a variety of NR features and nodes to develop full applications.

More advanced topics to come.....

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