Sunday, 1 February 2015

IBM Bluemix, CloudantDB, AngularJS and upload images

Whilst building my ACE! app - I needed to be able to upload images for the events / presentations / speakers and attendees.
I thought, hey, that's simple, we've been doing this on normal web-servers for decades, I'll just write a server-side php page (a couple of lines of code) that saves the posted files to a folder and then I'll know the URL to reference them.  Sorted! I should have it all finished before the kettle has finished boiling for my cup of tea.
Then I pondered for a bit.  How does this now work in the PaaS world (Clouds like IBM Bluemix, Google AppEngine, Amazon, that Microsoft one, etc...).  Ah, not such a simple solution now.  But a challenge.  Whilst drinking my cup of tea, I then set about making this work on IBM Bluemix.

Here's a presentation of how I made this work for me:

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