Thursday, 1 January 2015

Golden days of yesteryear (MS-DOS v6.2.2, USB drives and accessing the Internet from a 486)

Whilst having an end of year tidy up in the 'man cave', I found a couple of boxes with some "old" PC based computers contained within.  I had a couple of Gateway2000 Handbook 486 devices and a Fujitsu B-2154 touchscreen laptop.  I can recall, why I got them in the first place.  They are all small laptop/netbook sized, don't weigh very much and could be re-purposed for other things.  Well, that's probably what I thought when I first got them....did some stuff with them and then put them on a box for "coming back to them later on".

Well, "later on" just happened to be during the week between xmas and new year......

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