Sunday, 21 December 2014

Flashing Android

If you were "lucky" enough to have your Nexus 7 device auto-upgrade itself to Lollipop (v5.0) and are now pulling your hair out at just how slow and buggy it is, then fear not....

All you have to do is go to this link and download the previous version (v4.4.4) and flash that to your tablet...

I say, "all you have to do is".  It's not quite as scary as it sounds, but I am assuming that it is the same as a factory reset, so you'll have to re-install all those apps you forgot you had installed.  I'd also connect to some online cloud backup service (or my Raspberry Pi :-) ) and backup all those files, pdfs, ebooks, music files and photos that you've also forgotten about, as they'll probably get fried by the reinstall.

Fortunately for me, my 2 Nexus tablets and MotoG phone haven't had the option to upgrade yet, but, my wife (who has one of the first 2012 devices and hasn't let it be prised from her fingers since she got it), selected 'yes' to the upgrade and has been cursing it now for weeks... so we'll perform surgery on that device, probably later on today.  If it doesn't go well, I'll be having the broken device and she'll just "upgrade" to one of my 2013 tablets.... let's hope it goes well.  The instructions seem simple enough, what could possibly go wrong?...


  1. After backing up a lot of files.... we started the (re)install process. Main thing to note as being odd was that performing an adb devices did not list the Nexus 7, so I wasted about 5 minutes ttrying all sorts. Turns out, it didn't matter. Just run the command and you see that the device is detected and the (re)install went very smoothly. Took about 10 minutes. The first boot-up took a while (apparently that should be expected). Copied all the files back and there we have it. A fast running v4.4.4 Nexus 7 and a happy wife. What more could I want for xmas? :-)

  2. Last night (14th Jan 2015) v5.0.2 update became available. I installed it on all the Nexus 7 devices. It appears that the performance problems have been resolved. The v5.0.2 update is also available to download from the official google link as referenced in the main post. All apps seem to be fine so far. Good job the Android team.