SWAMI - plans for version 2.0

.......so, version 2.0, huh?...

Add instructions on installing nodeJS and mongoDB in a Windows 7 environment

Add a login / authentication mechanism device-side that connects through to the mongoDB.

Make the UI better, investigate the usage of Ionic and see if it'll help to make the UI better (well, that won't be hard, will it!)

Replace ExpressJS with HapiJS - why?  well, no impending reason, but ExpressJS just got bought and whilst I don't see it changing for a while, it never hurts to have a backup plan.  Also, it demonstrates the plug and play nature of modularising the software components.

Add secure authentication between the device-side code and the Worklight Adapters.
Add secure authentication between the Worklight Adapters and the REST API service.

Build a web based (AngularJS) dashboard app that demonstrating using ChartJS (or similar) based on the Completed Inspections uploaded into the MongoDB.

Build a web based (AngularJS) admin app to administer the data within the MongoDB (rather than relying on RockMongo) host from the NGinx web server.

I'm sure there is more, but for now that will do.....

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