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It's summer and everything is BLOOM-ing...

Okay, so this isn't about flowers, although I did just do some gardening and turned a sad looking area into an area of small beauty thanks to some hard-work and some considerate flower purchases - and yes, this was done in the week of 35+degrees of heat - but it'll be fine it's the UK, it'll rain next week and also I'm rigging up a rainfall driven automated watering system that will allow for trickle feeding the plants with water - with no technology, well, an Arduino might get in on the equation soon. The BLOOM that I am referring to, is in relation to A.I.  It's not your normal library of pre-trained models and it has stayed pretty hush-hush, considering it is the equivalent of a $5m system, available for FREE. Yes, I said FREE and I meant FREE. What's it all about then? ( I'll snippet some text from that article below, if you're t

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